The splitboarding hut weekend will be spent around the Heidelberger Hütte. We will aim to cover as much elevation gain as possible to prepare you for the next step, whether it’s a splitboard hut traverse or a splitboarding trip to Norway.

On the first day, we will meet in Ischgl, take the lift up, and ride some lines within the resort. After lunch, we will move further into the valley and splitboard up to the hut, where we expect to arrive in the late afternoon. Following dinner, we will outline the tour for the next day. Depending on the group’s fitness level and snowboarding skills, we anticipate covering around 500 to 1000 vertical meters each day. This structure is designed to welcome and suit a wide range of snowboarders, including those with very little off-piste experience and individuals who have completed several splitboarding tours. If the weather does not cooperate to make a splitboard tour, we have the option to ride within the resort, analysing the snow stability, avalanche training and delve into splitboarding techniques.

The hut

The Heidelberger Hütte is a wonderful place, with a warm and welcoming host who provides us with dinner and breakfast. From here, you can go on several tours directly along the Swiss/Austrian border. The rooms are simple and can accommodate 2 to 10 people comfortably. The hut is located in the middle of nowhere at 2264m, offering the possibility to tour a few 3000m peaks. Within a 30-minute ride downhill, you’ll reach the Ischgl ski resort.

Freeride Stuben am Arlberg

• Day 1: Arriving in Ischgl, gear check and tour to the hut
• Day 2: Splitboarding tour around the Heidelberger Hütte *
• Day 3: Splitboarding tour around the Heidelberger Hütte and snowboard back to the valley *

* The exact order of the tours will depend on weather and snow conditions


• Backpack including beacon, shovel and probe.(rentals available)
• Splitboard, skinns, poles and crampons.
• Functional Clothing, Down jacket, Sunglasses, Goggles.

• A Helmet is strongly advised.
• Off-piste insurance is strongly recommended.

splitboarding hutweekend splitboarding hut weekend splitboarding hut weekend
powder spray Arlberg splitboarding hut weekend splitboarding hutweekend
Splitboarding Heidelberger hütte
29.03 – 31.03.2024

€ 490,-

3 guided days

Accommodation not included
64,- per day incl. Half-board

Liftticket not included 60,- p.d.

4 to 7 participants

splitboarding hut weekend

Is my snowboard level good enough for the splitboarding hut weekend ?

Each day we splitboarding 500 until 1000 meters up, this takes about 3 until 6 hours at a relaxed pace. On the way down you should be able to ride in variated – powder snow conditions up to 40 degrees slopes.

Not sure your level will fit? Don’t hesitate to contact.