Lyngen Alps / Troms Splitboarding trip

This splitboarding trip to the Lyngen Alps is tailored for experienced snowboarders with solid splitboarding skills and a high level of fitness, enabling them to ascend the mountain for approximately 5 hours each day. If you have joined the Lofoten or have engaged in technical tours in the Alps, the Lyngen Alps are waiting for you.

Situated between Ullsfjorden, Balsfjord, and Lyngenfjord, roughly 50 km east of Tromsø, the Lyngen Alps are renowned for their challenging and steep terrain. Therefore, anticipate long days on the mountain. The season extends until the end of June, with the prime period for favorable snow conditions and stable weather typically occurring around late April. The primary focus of this trip is to ride as many runs as possible, weather permitting.

The Accomodation

During our stay, we stay in an apartment for up to 6 persons, fully equipped with a kitchen, living room, sleeping rooms with single beds and a bathroom. The accommodation is located in the middle of the Lyngen Alps, the village Lyngseidet.

Lyngen Alps splitboarding trip


• Day 1: Arriving at Troms airport and driving to the accommodation
• Day 2: Splitboard tour *
• Day 3: Splitboard tour *
• Day 4: Splitboard tour *
• Day 5: Splitboard tour *
• Day 6: Splitboard tour *
• Day 7: Splitboard tour *
• Day 8: Driving back to the airport

* The exact order we hike will depend on weather and snow conditions


• Riders level: Advanced.
• Condition: Advanced. 800 to 1200 vertical meters a day.
• Group size 4 to 7 people.

• Backpack including beacon, Shovel and Probe.
• Splitboard, skins, crampons and poles.
• Functional Clothing, gloves, beanie, Sunglasses, Goggles.

Lyngen Alps splitboarding trip

Lyngen Alps splitboarding trip

Lyngen Alps splitboarding trip
14.04.2024 – 21.04.2024

€ 2350,-

6 guided splitboard days

including accommodation

including local transfer

4 to 7 participants

exclusive flight, food & drinks, touring equipment

Lyngen Alps splitboarding trip Lyngen Alps splitboarding trip
Lyngen Alps splitboarding trip Lyngen Alps splitboarding trip

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Is my snowboard level good enough for this trip?

To participate in this trip, you should have experience in advanced splitboard tours and be proficient in executing stable kick turns across various snow conditions. The Lyngen region offers diverse snow conditions ranging from spring/powder to packed snow. Each day, we will embark on splitboard tours that cover vertical distances of 800 to 1200 meters, lasting between 3 to 6 hours. It’s important that you are comfortable riding spring/powder snow slopes with steepness up to 40 degrees.

Keep in mind that some mountain ridges might be icy, requiring the use of crampons and an ice axe for safe ascents. You should possess the knowledge of how to properly attach and utilize these climbing tools. If you lack this expertise, consider joining us on the Lofoten instead.