Deep powder Furano
Hokkaido backcountry snowboarding

Hokkaido, Japan is the land of high-quality sushi, culture, vending machines, and deep powder snow. Through the combination of cold air from Siberia and moisture from the Sea of Japan, Hokkaido is one of the snowiest places on earth. Some areas on the island are claiming an average of 25 meters of snowfall per winter. The most snow falls in the period from half January until mid-February.

After several weeks of exploring and successfully guiding a private group in the last few years, Snowboardarlberg is organizing a Hokkaido backcountry snowboarding trip. The goal of this trip is to make as many as possible powder turns and explore new places. The Japanese ski resorts are not too big, so we planned to visit daily different ski resorts.

We will stay the first night in Sapporo to ride Teine resort the second day. Our next stay will be in Otaru for the next two nights. Otaru is a small city, famous for its sushi and not far from the resorts Kokusai and Kiroro. After exploring central Hokkaido, we will move to Furano more east. The Furano ski resort is part of the so-called Hokkaido powder belt. The Hokkaido powder belt is more inland and gets dryer snow than resorts located closer to the ocean. Furano will be our base for the last four nights of this freeride trip. From here we will visit other resorts like Kamui links and Tomamu.

Hokkaido backcountry snowboarding

• Day 1: Arriving at Sapporo Chitose (CTS) and driving to the accommodation
• Day 2: Teine *
• Day 3: Kokusai *
• Day 4: Kiroro *
• Day 5: Furano *
• Day 6: Tomamu *
• Day 7: Asahidake *
• Day 8: Driving back to the airport Saporro Chitose (CTS)
* The exact order riding the resorts will depend on weather and snow conditions

• Backpack including beacon, shovel and probe.(rentals available)
• Powder snowboard
• Functional Clothing, Down jacket, Face mask, Spare lenses (yellow), Goggles.

• Riders level: medium – advanced.
• Condition: medium-advanced.
• Group size 4 until 7 people.

powder guide Hokkaido

Hokkaido backcountry snowboarding

Hokkaido powder spray

Hokkaido backcountry snowboarding

Hokkaido backcountry snowboarding trip
04.02 – 12.02.2023

€ 2750,-

6 guided powder days

7 nights accommodation

including local transfer

4 to 7 participants

exclusive flight, food & drinks, lift tickets

Hokkaido backcountry snowboarding powder method
powdershot Hokkaido

Hokkaido backcountry snowboarding

Is my snowboard level good enough for the Hokkaido backcountry snowboarding trip?

Hokkaido is well known for his deep powder snow and tree runs. So don’t expect steep high alpine lines. We will ride most of the time tree runs with medium steep terrain, filled with a knee to hip-deep powder. But most important is that you are able to plan your line upfront, this avoids tree-hugging and getting stuck in the flat parts.
If the weather and snow conditions let us, we will make some boot packs, as is necessary.
Not sure your level will fit? Don’t hesitate to contact me.