advanced lessons St. Anton

Advanced Snowboard Lessons
Snowboard lessons St. Anton am Arlberg

All those years of snowboard teaching have made Snowboard Arlberg one of the most experienced snowboard schools in the Arlberg region. Our snowboard teachers own the highest level of the snowboard instructor course in Austria. This level 3 is known worldwide because of its efficient teaching methods.

The advanced lessons are sometimes a little underrated. Snowboarders think it will be boring, this is a common tough which is not true. The higher your level the most challenging the lessons will be. We are trained to work with different teaching methods to be sure we have a personal preference method that will work for all of you.

To preform in every aspect, on the slopes, park or powder a solid position comes always in question. Improve your riding, and feel every small detail doing it. Learn to feel and analyze your position on your board and you will be ready to turn, drop or spin like a pro.

advanced snowboard lessons
Tell us your experience.

To make a snowboard lesson as personal as possible we would like to have some of your personal information. Click on the link below to start the application.

Tell us all about your snowboard experience.

– For how long have you been snowboarding, in weeks?
– Expectations of the lessons?
– What do you want to learn?
– What are your errors?
– Where do you want to start the lesson? Snowboard Arlberg is open to start the snowboard lessons all around the Arlberg. Places like: Lech am Arlberg, Zürs, Stuben, St. Christoph, St. Anton and Warth.

2 hours
3 hours
Full day
private Lessons
private Lessons
private Lessons

€ 210,-
€ 260,-
€ 380,-

1-2 persons
1-2 persons
1-2 persons

each additional person
each additional person
each additional person
€ 30,- extra
€ 30,- extra
€ 40,- extra

freestyle snowboarding St. anton

Freestyle Lessons.

The development of snowboarding was inspired by Skateboarding. Freestyle snowboarding was quick very popular and eventually, it became an Olympic sport. After riding fun parks all over the Alps for several winters and being part of the training program of the Dutch national team.

The Lessons are meant for everyone who wants to learn new tricks, a straight air or a 720 on the proline. The Arlberg has two parks, Lech and St. Anton am Arlberg. both have enough obstacles to build up the process and reach your goal.