Splitboarding Lofoten
Splitboarding Lofoten Islands, Norway

19.04. – 26.04.2020 Lofoten

The Lofoten Island, 68 degrees north, inside the Arctic circle in North Norway. The main income for these islands comes out the fishery and the summer tourism. The winter months are short and dark. When spring arrives the days are getting longer which is ideal for touring. The Lofoten offers one of a kind environs, sharp mountains straight out of the ocean that are waiting for us to ride them down all the way to the beach.
Join us on splitboard or tourski at one of the most magnificent places on earth.

The Accomodation

During our stay on the Lofoten islands we will stay in small cabins in Kabelvag next to the capital of the lofoten Svolvear. The cabins are up to 4 persons, are full equipped with a kitchen, living room, sleeping rooms with single beds and a bathroom. At night you can enjoy the sunset from the beach or fireplace.

Splitboarding Lofoten
After a long day of touring , enjoy the sunset, sit back and relax at the beach.




Splitboarding Lofoten

• Day 1: Arriving at Evenes airport and driving to the accommodation
• Day 2: Splitboard tour Torskmannen *
• Day 3: Splitboard tour Stortind *
• Day 4: Splitboard tour Rundfjellet *
• Day 5: Splitboard tour Kvittind *
• Day 6: Splitboard tour Geitgaljetind *
• Day 7: Splitboard tour Varden *
• Day 8: Driving back to the airport

* The exact order and mountains we hike will depend on weather and snow conditions


• Riders level: medium – advanced.
• Condition: medium – advanced. 400 to 1000 vertical meters a day.
• Group size 4 till 8 people.

• Backpack including beacon, Shovel and Probe.
• Splitboard, skins, crampons and poles.
• Functional Clothing, gloves, beanie, Sunglasses, Goggles.

Splitboarding Geitgaljetind

splitboarding Lofoten Varden

Splitboarding Lofoten

Splitboarding Lofoten

Splitboarding Lofoten

Splitboarding lofoten
19.04 – 26.04.2020

€ 1700,-

6 guided splitboard days

including accomodation

including local transfer

4 to 8 participants

exclusive flight, food & drinks, touring equipment

Splitboarding Lofoten Splitboarding Lofoten
Snowboarding Lofoten Snowboarding Lofoten

splitboarding lofoten
Is my snowboard level good enough for this trip?

You should have done some splitboard tours and be able to make a stable kick turn in different snow conditions. The snow conditions on the Lofoten will vary between spring / powder and packed snow. Daily we will make splitboard tours in between 600 and 1100 vertical meters, this will be 3 to 6 hours a day. You should be able to ride spring / powder snow up to 40 degrees steepness.

Some of the mountain ridges can be icy, crampons and an ice axe are needed to reach the peak safely. How to attach and use these climbing materials will be explained on the Lofoten so you do not need any specific experience how to use them.